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Using the latest in rapid prototyping technologies we can take your idea from concept through to full-scale production.


Our digital electronics experts bring the 'things' to the Internet-of-Things and look forward to any challenge you can throw at them.


Taking an idea from concept through to commercial reality involves an indepth understanding of not only the technology but the process itself, here at B2 we pride ourselves on exactly that attention to process - ensuring quality and reliable outcomes.


B2 can take the proof of concept all the way through to manufacturing, right here in New Zealand.

Who are we?

  • Based in the heart of the North Island, Hamilton, we are experts in digital electronics and solution design. Our 25 year pedigree in electronics engineering means our solutions adhere to well proven methodologies and best practices.

    Key stregnths:

         • Low power design - battery life is always a problem, think outside the box
         • Miniaturisation - keeping it small and light for specific situations
         • Autonomous devices - smart sensors and all-in-one solutions
         • Industrialisation - beyond initial commercialisation, reducing build cost begins

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